Davide Groppi

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Davide Groppi’s creations come about through the need to give life to something necessary or significant.
The things that inspire these ideas are works of art, ready-made objects, magic, the desire to make things with his hands or simply the urge to play and have fun with light.
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Davide Groppi - Moon

Since the end of the eighties, starting from a very small laboratory in the historic centre of Piacenza, Davide Groppi has been inventing and producing lamps with the homonymous brand. Over time, creative and entrepreneurial independence has allowed him to develop original and recognizable projects, distributed all over the world. Projects that come from the heart and the brain, intuitions that emerge from a certain way of being and thinking, where simplicity, lightness, emotion, invention and amazement are the fundamental ingredients.

Davide Groppi - Origine

by Davide Groppi

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