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Occhio believes that natural sunlight sets the standard for light quality. Their sophisticated LEDs are designed to make homes appear in the most brilliant and vibrant colours. Recognizing the impact of light on both the atmosphere of a room and our well-being, Occhio offers lighting solutions that can be easily adjusted to match the course of the day and specific situations. With a focus on the “joy of use,” they provide intuitive controls, such as gestures or the smart Occhio air light control system, allowing users to switch lights on and off, dim them, adjust the colour temperature, and modify the light distribution according to their preferences.
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Occhio - Mito Largo

Their designs are characterized by timeless aesthetics and meticulous attention to detail, following the principle of “form follows function.” With modular luminaire systems offering comprehensive lighting solutions from ceiling to floor, Occhio enables holistic design approaches, ensuring consistent lighting quality and design language throughout your home or project.

Occhio - Mito Sospeso

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