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At Gardeco, every product is meticulously produced by skilled craftsmen and artisans. The emphasis on handcrafting and low technology-based production results in variations in shapes and colours, instilling a strong sense of authenticity in each piece. The moulds used for production are individually crafted by hand, and the final refining details are also meticulously executed by hand. Gardeco’s ambition is to enhance interior design by providing accessories that add a touch of style and personalization to the snapshots of our lives.
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Gardeco - Disque friso terra

Founded in September 1999, Gardeco is a Belgian-based company dedicated to making affordable pieces of art accessible to a wider audience. They offer a curated selection of handcrafted pieces from talented designers and artists around the world, which are sold in exclusive shops, design stores, museum shops, art galleries, as well as through collaborations with architects and interior designers. Gardeco serves as an art publisher, representing and showcasing the work of skilled craftsmen and artists, where the realms of art and high-end decoration intersect.

Gardeco - Vase + Canoe

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