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Deknudt company is built on two core pillars. One aspect focuses on the production of premium, customized mirror doors for bathroom cabinet manufacturers and wholesalers worldwide. These doors are meticulously crafted to meet specific requirements, whether they be single or double-sided. The other part develops and produces premium, precision-crafted design mirrors.
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Deknudt - Arbo mirror

These mirrors are the result of collaboration with in-house designers or international designers, with a commitment to precision and craftsmanship. A well-selected design mirror has the power to make a significant impact on your home. It becomes a focal point of your interior, and its presence can be felt both consciously and unconsciously on a daily basis. Moreover, since 2022, Deknudt has expanded its offerings to include solutions for outdoor living spaces, further enhancing their portfolio.

Deknudt - Ornato mirror

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