FRAMA is a versatile design brand that embraces multiple disciplines, producing lifestyle objects that aim to inspire the senses and foster a mindful way of living. Their creations reflect a profound emphasis on natural materials, clean geometries, and unwavering quality. By seamlessly blending imagination with practicality, FRAMA has cultivated a distinctive aesthetic that exudes warmth and honesty. Their diverse range of offerings encompasses everything from exclusive home fragrances to comprehensive architectural designs for restaurant interiors.
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Frama - Apothecary

At the core of FRAMA’s design philosophy lies the convergence and interplay of four primary experiential influences: travel, nature, spaces, and stories. These influences serve as the driving force behind their creative process, infusing their work with a sense of authenticity and depth. Whether it’s the discovery of new places, the beauty of the natural world, the exploration of spatial dynamics, or the narratives that unfold, FRAMA draws inspiration from these sources to shape meaningful and impactful designs. The result is a collection of lifestyle objects that go beyond mere functionality, evoking a sensory experience and inviting a more conscious and enriched way of life.

Frama - Farmhouse trestle table

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