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Italo Buccella founded Vibieffe in 1968 with the understanding that people’s tastes and consumption patterns were changing, leading to a need for furniture and interiors that could define new lifestyles. As a result, he focused on creating furniture that combined elegance, comfort, and aesthetic sense, which became essential in the homes of the younger generations.
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Vibieffe - Shell sofa

Today, Vibieffe is a brand that is recognized for its fine, elegant, and typically Italian style, which is appreciated all over the world. Vibieffe collaborates with designer Gianluigi Landoni, who is responsible for designing the company’s collections and spaces, with a focus on developing furnishing solutions for the entire home. Sofas, armchairs, and beds are the centre of a universe of style and exclusivity in Vibieffe’s designs.

Vibieffe - Confident sofa

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